"Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment".

Benefits - The benefits of naturism are wide and varied, from health benefits to therapy: from getting close to nature and the simple pleasures of pure freedom… Let us show you how you and your body can benefit from the choice that is nude recreation - or Naturism.

It’s good for your mental health. Measured sun exposure and vitamin D is very good for you. Naturism is more about doing normal, everyday activities without the encumbrance of clothing. 

Mental health - Being naked outdoors on a sunny day isn’t sexual, but it is sensual - a delight to your senses.

Self Esteem - An increase in euphoria, naturism helps increase confidence and self esteem.

Freedom - Experience to true freedom of exposing your whole body to natures elements.


Bring a towel or sarong to sit on.

Bring a hat, flip flops and some sunscreen too.

Photography is not allowed without permission.

Do I have to take my clothes off right away?

No, definitely not. Taking your clothing off for the first time is a really big deal for some people. You don’t need the added stress

and pressure to disrobe right away. Find a quiet spot and go at your own pace. If you don’t feel like taking your clothes off on

your first visit, no problem. Naturism is about respect for yourself and respect for others. 

Nudity is required in the water features and sauna.

Why would I want to go somewhere, where there are other people, and take my clothes off? 

At one point of your life you must have enjoyed a private place where you spent some time, either nude, or topfree, and where you felt the sensations of the sun's warmth and the tickle of a gentle breeze on your skin. Call it "Nature's Massage" if you will! Perhaps you've even gone skinnydipping! How about going nude in a hot tub with family or friends? Wouldn't you like to experience that again, on a regular basis? We can provide that, in a safe, secure atmosphere, away from the hot concrete, pollution, and nosy neighbors! We are located on Mount Fromme, just below Grouse Mountain... moments away from the Second Narrows Bridge, in picturesque North Vancouver, BC!

Well..that sounds interesting but it is not for me..maybe if I lost 20.lbs..or so..? 

Nudism is not a competition or a trial, nor an ordeal! It is all about acceptance! Acceptance of you for who you are, with no expectations placed upon you! And it is also about your acceptance of others, in a like manner. It is a non-judgmental forum, where people just get together to be themselves, in a relaxed atmosphere. You may not believe it, but nudism is the only place in the world where you will find no body issues!

So...what is the atmosphere like at your club? 

Very laid back and casual. You are free to go where you want and enjoy the grounds. Except for certain times of the year, there are no organized activities. For the most part you can arrive at any time, and grab a lawn chair on one of the sundecks...or spread a blanket on one of the two lawns. The club covers three hectares of land and is surrounded by tall timber, for extra privacy. The members are very friendly and positive people. We have over 50 current members ( but never all on the same day!) so you are assured of reasonable privacy whenever you come to the grounds! The surroundings are very peaceful with no blasting radios, or other sources of irritation! After you have spent some time relaxing in the sun or shade, go take a dip in our reservoir… play badminton, shuffleboard or volleyball, or relax in our wood-fired sauna!

O.K! This is starting to sound like something I might try...but who are the members? 

The members come from all walks of life and are everyday people just like you. Our youngest member is just 4 years old and our oldest member may admit to being 'somewhat' more than seventy. If you think that you may like to join the club but are leery of being a known nudist...just remember that other members will know about you only what you may wish to tell them! All information you provide to the club is used only for club purposes and is not divulged to anyone. Your privacy is well respected! Go at your own pace.

That's encouraging! Now, I'm not promising anything, but...lets say I wanted to see this place...what can I expect on my first visit? 

You can make an appointment to view the grounds with no obligation. Weekends are usually the best time. Remember the other members have day time jobs just like you.  (email info@vantan.ca to arrange a visit.) From there, arrangements will be made for someone to meet you at the gate, which is located at a mountain access road at the top end of Mountain Highway in North Vancouver. (All members have their own key for this gate.) The club grounds are located about two kilometers further up this road, made clear by a yellow gate and signs. From there, you drive onto the Club property. At this time the person who met you at the gate will take you on a tour of the grounds and answer any questions you may have.  Now, you will have the option to spend some time enjoying the grounds. Plan to make a day of it, as most new visitors don't want to leave, even at sunset! We have a very relaxed atmosphere, so feel free to find an area for privacy, or socialize at your own pace! Of course, you may leave at any time. Just inform a member when you wish to leave, and someone will go down the road with you and unlock the gate.

VanTan Club

No Crowds     No Stress     No Clothes!

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